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November 2017 Archives

Restaurant company ordered to take corrective action

Most employees and employers in Florida should know that federal law strictly prohibits discrimination against potential and current workers based on a variety of factors. These include gender, sexual orientation, religious preference, disability and more. Age is another factor considered here and any act that may be found a way of discriminating against job candidates or employees who are 40 years old or greater directly violates the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

Types of age discrimination in the workplace

Florida residents and business owners alike need to understand the various laws and ways to ensure that a workplace appropriately treats every worker fairly. While it may be commonly known that sexual harassment or discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation or religious belief is illegal, some people may not know about the laws that protect older workers against discrimination based solely on their age.

Understanding noncompete agreements

When you own a business, it is understandable to not want too much competition taking your customers away from you. At the Law Offices of Levi Williams, P.A., we also understand how frustrating it would be – not to mention the legal ramifications – if a former employee used your trade secrets or company information to start a similar business. You and other Florida business owners might use a noncompete clause to prevent situations like these.


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