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August 2015 Archives

Pricing focus of contract dispute

Florida companies that routinely engage in sales contracts and other such agreements with suppliers or customers know the importance of well-drafted documents. A single contract dispute can cost a business a lot of money in legal fees and even lost business. It can also negatively impact a company’s industry and public reputation and contribute to lowered profitability in many ways. These situations can relate to a confidentiality agreement dispute, breach of contract or other topics.

State to decide on action against teacher

Florida employees and employers know that there are rules and guidelines that govern what is and is not considered acceptable behavior in a workplace. This is so regardless of the industry or job type or level. Any business in the retail, hospitality, food service, healthcare and other fields must all grapple with laws and employee training. This training can cover topics like sexual harassment, the FMLA, employment regulations and other items related to the preservation of colleagues’ and employees’ civil rights.

New OneBlood company to serve most of Florida

Florida businesses sometimes engage in mergers or acquisitions as a way of saving themselves when in trouble. Some mergers are the result of one company’s competitive advancement strategy by acquiring a new business that had been a competitor. In other situations, a merger can be an effective part of a corporate strategy to enhance overall operations. This is true of for-profit businesses as well as those that operate in the non-profit space.

What is the Family and Medical Leave Act?

The right for people employed in Florida to take time off from their jobs to tend to important personal matters is guaranteed to them under employment law. Employers are legally prohibited from either preventing such time off or punishing employees by demoting them or otherwise negatively impacting their job status or earnings The Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, of 1993 outlines the amount of time that can be taken off for different situations and this is considered important for your civil rights.


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