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October 2017 Archives

Credit union acquires community bank

Florida residents and businesses often see companies start up, go away, grow or merge with other companies. Many things can come into play in determining the path that a particular business will take including the industry in which it operates, local market forces, management teams and more. When two companies choose to join forces, there may well be expected some amount of benefit to both as well as to consumers or customers. 

Can sexual harassment involve LGBTQ people?

If you have been in the workforce either as an employee or an employer in Florida for any length of time, you know that there are strong laws against sexual harassment at work. There may well have been a time when these laws were intended to protect female workers against alleged male perpetrators predominately but today, the scope of these laws is definitely much broader. According to the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, every person in the workforce should be able to perform his or her duties without fear of harassing behavior.

Coach accuses school of breaching conract

When many people in Florida think about lawsuits involving allegations of a breach of contract, they may mostly think about such issues happening between two businesses. This can certainly happen and does much of the time. However, many contracts are between individuals and businesses or even other entities. These agreements can also be the source of conflict down the road.

Harassment allegations lead to new training

Florida businesses are tasked with providing safe work environments for their employees. This safety goes beyond protecting people against physical injuries from falls or other dangers and includes ensuring people feel comfortable and are not harassed by or discriminated against by their colleagues, supervisors or others.


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