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January 2017 Archives

Casino games at heart of contract dispute

Many contracts are entered into by Florida businesses everyday. However, it is not only private businesses that look to legal contracts to protect their interests. The state also engages in contract negotiations with many different types of organizations. Sometimes, disputes arise surrounding these contracts just like those between two private business entities.

Sales of businesses require careful attention

Florida entrepreneurs and business owners often eagerly go into new ventures full of excitement and hopes for the future. Sometimes that future ends up manifesting as the sale of the busienss not just the running of the business. Many factors play into the decision to sell a business and such a choice must be made carefully to avoid unnecessary losses.

Franchisee wins breach of contract case

The importance of having business agreements in legally binding written contracts cannot be emphasized enough for Florida business owners. However, not every written contract is foolproof as it must be created properly and, of course, honored as written. Without these things, the opportunity for conflicts to arise always remains.

New Year's tips for entreprenuers

By nature, Florida entrepreneuers are continually looking for new ventures and new ways of doing things. Yet, even with this approach seemingly built into their way of being, it can still be helpful to have a new year that all but forces a fresh approach. This can be especially important for entrepreneurs who have been involved in their current businesses for more than a year or so.

What should a construction warranty include?

Florida construction companies and independent contractors enjoy the ability to work unencumbered all year long thanks to the sunny and warm weather in the state. This freedom should not, however, make businesses feel as though they need not worry about small details in their contracts because they are focused on getting to the next job. Every little detail can matter a lot. If you are ironing out a contract with a client, one area that you should pay particular attention to is the warranty section.


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