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November 2014 Archives

Taking steps to prevent contract disputes

When it comes to maintaining strong business relationships, effective contracts are crucial. As a result, it is essential for business owners to do everything in their ability to prevent contract disputes. In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and throughout the country, business contracts that are composed properly are less likely to cause confusion and legal hassles.

Can small businesses benefit from mergers and acquisitions?

Mergers and acquisitions present a number of perks that many smart business owners want to take advantage of. However, when it comes to mergers and acquisitions, popular news stories often focus primarily on large corporations and noteworthy deals. Having said that, small businesses can definitely benefit from a merger or acquisition, as long as they abide by laws and regulations. In Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida, a successful small business merger can lead to significant growth and profitable opportunities, but it is imperative for business owners in this position to take the right approach.

Preventing and dealing with employee lawsuits

From wrongful discharge to sexual harassment and other civil rights violations, there are many reasons why employees decide to file a lawsuit against their current or former employer. In fact, statistics published on the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's website show that allegations of discrimination resulted in the filing of more than 93,000 charges in 2013. For business owners in Fort Lauderdale and across Florida, it is important to remember the consequences that come with employment litigation, try to prevent these incidents from occurring and address charges properly when they arise.

Florida start-up secures $542 million

Business formation may present a variety of risks, but a start-up company can also take advantage of incredible growth and profit when things go as planned. Preventing each and every setback is not always possible, but entrepreneurs in Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida who thoroughly prepare and take every scenario into account are more likely to enjoy the benefits that come with launching a successful start-up business.


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