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June 2015 Archives

FBI believes St. Louis Cardinals hacked Houston Astros' servers

Most in Fort Lauderdale have probably heard the term “intellectual property” before, but may not be familiar with exactly what it is. Simply put, it’s any work or information patented or owned by an organization or individual. While that definition may still seem a little fuzzy, it shouldn’t be difficult to see why companies place so much value into their intellectual property. Not only do companies seek to protect it, but an alleged infringement of it could result in potential legal trouble.

How are mergers and acquisitions different?

Most people in Florida have heard references to mergers and acquisitions. However, the common utilization of both terms as a combined single thing can often lead people to believe they are one in the same. That is simply not true. An article published by Investopedia notes that one reason the two are frequently discussed together is because acquisitions historically carry with them a negative connotation. Likening these actions to mergers can lessen the negative stereotype.

Teachers union and school officials at odds over union contract

For those in Broward Count that are unfamiliar with the particulars of contract disputes, these cases often require that certain protocols be followed and courtesies be observed. A failure to comply to these requirements can be seen as an effort to go over people’s heads. Others may views such actions as attempts to assert undue influence. Still others mays see it as simple naiveté. In any event, a lack of respect for the contract negotiation process can do untold damage to any progress made towards a resolution.


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