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May 2019 Archives

How can I prevent workplace violence at my company?

If you employ people, there is a risk of workplace violence. There is a potential for attacks and assaults at any establishment, whether large or small. You and other Florida business owners may be interested in learning about workplace violence and the ways in which to protect your employees, as well as your legal interests.

How to protect your small business from lawsuits

As a small business owner, you have most likely worked hard to create a working environment that is friendly to all employees. After all, having happy and loyal employees is key to business production and efficiency. The last thing you want is to be put in a situation where you are fighting a lawsuit for an otherwise preventable issue. Lawsuits can harm your business’s reputation and compromise a smooth working flow. You can minimize your risk of getting sued by following a few simple rules.

What are some of the different types of mergers?

There are many different ways in which your Florida company can join together with another business to create an entirely new organization. According to The Street, the potential benefits of a merger include further market penetration, sales growth and cost-cutting.

Identifying unfair competition as it occurs

Floridian business owners have a lot of hurdles to clear in order to have a successful, sustainable business. While a lot of those hurdles are to be expected for anyone journeying into entrepreneurship or self-employment, some issues are unexpected, like unfair competition from an opposing business.


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