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June 2014 Archives

Two Florida public television stations could merge

When a business has decided that merging is an excellent way to grow, there are many things to take into consideration, from reviewing business goals to preparing for any potential hurdles. In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, companies who are in this position should also make thorough planning a top priority. With comprehensive preparation, mergers can move forward very smoothly.

Florida life sciences community paving the way for start-ups

Although there are a number of hurdles that those who are planning on starting a business in any field may have to face, some industries can be particularly complex. On top of presenting numerous industry-specific challenges, some of these businesses can be more expensive to launch than others. However, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, successful business formation can benefit both entrepreneurs and the local community. As a result, anyone who is planning on launching a company should thoroughly review their plans and look forward to pursuing their ambitions.

Florida woman claims she was wrongfully terminated

From the violation of employment contracts to wrongful discharge and civil rights violations, a number of issues may lead to employment litigation. In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, both business owners and employees may find themselves in a position where they believe that filing suit is necessary. On the other hand, some companies could find themselves in court over false allegations. Anyone who is dealing with these types of legal issues should make sure they take the right approach.

School district claims insurance companies failed to pay up

When companies fail to abide by the terms of a contract, a business dispute could arise, resulting in a lawsuit. There are many things to consider with regard to business litigation in Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida, whether a company files suit over an intellectual property dispute, deceptive trade practices, breach of fiduciary duty or another issue. For example, if one of the parties is headquartered in another country, there could be additional considerations that come with international business disputes. When it comes to business litigation, taking the right approach is essential.


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