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December 2015 Archives

Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act

Florida employers and employees should be aware of laws that aim to prevent discrimination or harassment in the workplace. Among these laws is the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The United States Department of Justice notes that this Act has been amended over the years but its basic premise remains intact—to provide people with disabilities opportunities for employment equal to their non-disabled counterparts.

Two South Florida banks to become one

Florida businesses that want to expand their operations into new locales often find that merging with or acquiring another company can facilitate that. These mergers and acquisitions are seen across all industry segments and among businesses of varying sizes. The financial services industry is no exception to this.

Understanding an S corporation

When setting up a new business in Florida, many people find that an S corporation operating model offers unique benefits, especially for small businesses. Entrepreneur explains that with an S corporation, owners can avoid personal liability as with a C corporation structure. However, they can also enjoy significant tax benefits.

Boca Raton jobs in jeopardy if merger happens

Florida business owners and operators naturally must be continually on the lookout for opportunities to strengthen their operations and increase profits. In some cases, that can involve the help of state or local entities. Such is the case with Office Depot, which is currently headquartered in Boca Raton. After their 2013 acquisition of Office Max, Office Depot benefited from several incentives from the state of Florida and local government as well.

Understanding taxation for multistate corporations

If you are creating a new business in Florida or expanding an existing one, you have many issues and laws to deal with. The number of things that you must be aware of and make decisions about can be multiplied when your business operates in multiple states. Among the topics that multistate corporations must contend with is the payment of taxes.


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