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December 2014 Archives

Exploring some of the reasons for business litigation

For some business owners, daily life is incredibly hectic. To make matters worse, there are a number of reasons businesses end up in court and have to deal with a lawsuit. In Fort Lauderdale and throughout the state of Florida, litigation can spell disaster for any company, regardless of their size. As a result, business owners should familiarize themselves with some of the reasons for litigation and approach their case properly if they ever have to deal with a lawsuit firsthand.

What are some examples of sexual harassment in the workplace?

When someone experiences sexual harassment at work, they may be unsure of how to deal with what has happened. However, some victims are not even aware that sexual harassment has taken place. As a result, it is essential for people in Fort Lauderdale and across the state of Florida to recognize and address this mistreatment whenever it occurs.

Lending a hand to employees whose rights have been violated

Throughout the country, far too many employees head to work and deal with the violation of their rights every day. At the law offices of Levi Williams, P.A., we believe this is unacceptable and more must be done to eliminate the problem and address this issue. If you have had your rights violated, you should not be afraid to take action. However, for people in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and across the nation, it is very important to ensure that the proper course of action is taken.

Helping businesses move forward with mergers and acquisitions

There are a number of strategies that smart business owners employ when trying to grow their company. For many firms in Fort Lauderdale and throughout the state of Florida, mergers and acquisitions are excellent growth strategies that can lead to unexpected success when approached properly. At the law offices of Levi Williams, P.A., we understand the plethora of complexities that often surround mergers and acquisitions and help our clients address any legal challenges appropriately.

Identifying the best business entity for a start-up

From a Sub-S corporation to a C-corp and limited liability company (LLC), there are a number of entity choices for a start-up company to select. However, it is absolutely imperative for every start-up to thoroughly review their options and identify the right entity type. In Fort Lauderdale and throughout the state of Florida, selecting the most ideal entity form is very important when it comes to business formation.


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