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June 2019 Archives

Merger of student loan managers sparks criticism

There are a handful of companies that the government hires to work with borrowers of student loans across the United States, including in Florida. These companies provide loan forgiveness programs and affordable payment options for people struggling to meet their financial obligations. However, they have received criticism for allegedly exacerbating the problem of student loan debt in America by providing information that is erroneous or insufficient to borrowers. A merger between two of these large firms now has congressional lawmakers concerned. 

What is religious discrimination?

Faith and religion are important aspects of many cultures, including those found in American communities. As such, the law protects people of faith from being harassed and discriminated against during their employment or while applying for jobs. You and other Florida business owners should understand religious discrimination and reasonable accommodation laws to protect your company from adverse legal action by employees and applicants.

College basketball star embroiled in legal battle with agency

For many people in Florida, college sports offer a high level of excitement and entertainment, especially when it comes to football and basketball. For many college student athletes, their performance in the NCAA can be an essential stepping stone to playing their sport at the professional level. With the 2019 National Basketball Association draft just around the corner, many people are excited to see which college stars will end up being selected to play in the NBA. 

How can a nondisclosure agreement help your business?

There may be trade secrets and other elements to your company that you do not want getting out to your competition and the public. When you employ people, there is a risk that your employees can talk about these things, inadvertently or not, or that they can later leave your employment and work for a competitor. Understandably, you and other Florida business owners may want to know how to reduce the chances of confidential information being leaked.

The pros and cons of business arbitration

Arbitration can be a useful tool for business owners hoping to avoid litigation to resolve a dispute. At the Law Offices of Levi Williams, P.A., our goal is to assist Florida businesses in running smoothly and avoiding costly litigation. While we know that arbitration can serve a valuable purpose, we also know that, like other tools of law, there are negative as well as positive aspects to this dispute resolution method. You may be interested in learning about the different arbitration pros and cons.


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