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July 2016 Archives

EEOC ruling adds to ADA compliance for wellness programs

In recent years, more and more Florida employers have been adding wellness programs to their benefits packages. These programs come in various shapes and sizes but are all supposed to be designed to improve the well-being of employees. An added benefit is to help reduce the financial burden that employers bear for the cost of health care coverage. Many of these programs tie financial rewards to participation but some have wondered if this is fair to employees. This spring, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued a ruling on this very topic.

Finding the right business partner

Some Florida entrepreneurs wanting to get new ventures off the ground may well decide that going it alone is the best thing for them. Others, however, may feel the need or desire to partner with someone else. Whether or not it is best to have a partner is not really an issue but what can be an issue is how that partner is chosen.

Adult club to pay back wages to dancers

Regardless of the industry, businesses in Florida are bound by specific employment laws. These laws, however, can sometimes be hard to understand and may even be interpreted differently by different people. This is where many contract or employment disputes begin.

Construction contract pitfalls to avoid

If you are in the construction industry in Florida, you know the importance of contracts in your business. Whether you are a builder, general contractor or subcontractor specialist, your construction contracts can have a significant impact on your bottom line. This impact can be positive or negative based upon how your contracts are set up or worded. There are several pitfalls you should be aware of before ever signing on the dotted line.


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