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October 2013 Archives

Teachers claim breach of contract, sue School Board

In addition to the laws at the federal and state levels that govern workplaces and provide protection for both employees and employers in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere, in some situations these two sides may also sign employment contracts. These legally binding documents typically outline other terms, conditions and expectations for employment.

Woman sues former employer, claims wrongful discharge

In Florida, as well as in other states, employment laws protect both employees and employers. While these laws prohibit terminating an employee for illegal reasons, such as discrimination, they also, in many states, permit employers to fire employees at will, as long as the reasons are legal. Even when a business, company or organization has policies in place for handling the firing of workers and believe they are acting in compliance with employment regulations, they can still face employment litigation if an employee feels that that firing has violated their rights.

Bentley sues Florida car kit makers for trademark infringement

Often product manufacturers will trademark and patent their products and designs in order to protect them from unfair competition. This prevents other companies from stealing those ideas, offering them as their own and profiting from them. If another company does produce a product that is too similar to that of a competitor, it could result in business litigation.

Bar removes video poker machines, sued for breach of contract

When a business in Fort Lauderdale, or elsewhere, enters into a contract with another business, or with a client or customer, that contract is legally binding. As a legal document, in the event that either side backs out or fails to fulfill their end of the contract terms, the other party could choose to take legal action.

Stryker set to acquire Mako Surgical in $1.65 billion deal

Companies in Fort Lauderdale, and throughout the U.S., may occasionally purchase other companies, often resulting in a merger of the two businesses, their assets, resources and employees. There are a number of reasons for buying a company, such as to expand into other fields or to put a competitor out of business.


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