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September 2016 Archives

The power of contracts

Business contracts are packed with provisions that detail the specific obligations of all parties involved. It is easy for companies in Florida, however, to misinterpret legal jargon, but what is the cost of completely disregarding a prior agreement?

Products liability: Who has the upper hand

Getting a product to market requires more than a savvy marketing team and generous research and development budget. Safety is also imperative, since it will be used by the average consumer. Therefore, it is important that the product be designed well, that any risks are clearly marked on the packaging and that there are no errors made during the production process. When a product is determined faulty, the question rises over who has the upper hand.

Software entrepreneur in lawsuit against computer chip company

Business owners and entrepreneurs in Florida are often considered about how to protect their intellectual property. This is not always an easy task, even with what seem to be clear and strict trademark infringement laws. Despite thes laws, disagreements between companies and individuals do arise and may sometimes lead to legal involvement and even lawsuits.

Proposed reduced work schedule still offers full-time benefits

Florida employers and employees in all industries know that it can be difficult at times to balance work and the rest of one's life. Especially for salaried employees who may end up working more than their standard 40 hours in a work week, this is a common concern.


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