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November 2013 Archives

Former worker claims discrimination, sues local police department

Readers in Fort Lauderdale are likely aware that there are laws in place to protect workers from being discriminated against by an employer because of a medical condition. This includes a condition that was present at the time of hiring, as well as the development of a new one. For those trying to run a business, however, this can be problematic when a medical condition adversely affects a worker’s ability to perform their job.

Owner, manager falling out leads to business dispute with a Trump

When people who are in business together in Fort Lauderdale, and elsewhere, have a falling out, it can affect their ability and willingness to continue working with each other. As a result, business associates who find themselves in this type of situation will often decide to go their separate ways, which can cause customers and clients to pay the consequences of the split.

Office Depot set to purchase OfficeMax in merger deal

In Fort Lauderdale, as well as other cities throughout Florida and the U.S., occasionally competitors in a business market may merge, joining forces. There are a number of different reasons for these types of mergers, including buying a company in order to eliminate competition, in an effort for one or both companies to avoid going out of business or to join forces against a stronger market rival.


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