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February 2016 Archives

Understanding contract breaches

Floridians that enter into business contracts understandably want to know that their agreements offer some protections. The point of a contract is commonly to solidify an agreement between parties. Both parties generally have some responsibility to the other as laid out in the contract terms. When one party violates or fails to fulfill a term in a contract, a breach of contract is said to have occurred.

What is sexual harassment?

If you own a business or are starting a new business in Florida, there are many employment laws that you will want to become educated about. Among these are the laws governing sexual harassment in the workplace. How is sexual harassment defined? Who can be accused of sexually harassing another person? Is a financial impact required in order to make a claim?

Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act

Florida business owners and managers must remain abreast of a variety of employment laws and requirements. One of these laws is the Americans with Disabilities Act. Even though the ADA has been a part of American employment law since 1990, many people may still be unsure about exactly what it provides for disabled workers and what is required of employers.

Rumors surface of toy maker merger

Many a Florida business has merged with another business, acquired another business, or even been the subject of an acquisition. These key business deals can sometimes be challenging in part because of concerns about violating antitrust laws if the size of a newly combined company would then account for an exceptionally large portion of that industry’s market. This concern could be realized if a merger between toy makers Hasbro, Inc. and Mattel, Inc. were to get underway.

What is intellectual property?

Whether you are creating a new business or simply expanding the reach and product line of an existing business in Florida, your company must often pay attention to intellectual property rights. The naming of a new product, for example, must be done carefully so as not to use a name that has already been trademarked by another company. Such situations may result in a legal intellectual property dispute.


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