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October 2016 Archives

Regulatory review of merger under discussion

Florida residents are quite used to mergers of large companies happening as they seem to take place quite frequently. These mergers or acquisitions also happen across virtually any type of industry. Some may involve companies only in Florida while others may involve companies that operate on a national level. Different mergers are subject to different types of reviews and approvals.

What is the UCC?

Florida entrepreneurs who are looking to set up new business ventures in the state will have to understand a variety of laws or requirements governing business transactions and the conducting of business. Among these is the Uniform Commercial Code, often referred to as simply the UCC. This is actually a set of multiple laws that pertain to filing specific financial information. While established at the national level several decades ago, each state may make its own special guidelines and manage its own laws.

Florida hospital to become part of new larger system

Health care is supposed to be first and foremost about taking care of the needs of patients. While this is still true, it is no doubt to anyone in Florida that health care is actually very big business in today's society. From insurance companies to individual practitioners to drug manufacturers and more, there is no shortage to the number of individuals and entities that profit from taking care of people.

Deciding on a brand name after a merger

Branding is critical to the merger process, especially if each company has already established a reputable image. Many Florida business owners choose either to utilize one of the two existing names or to reinvent themselves under a whole new title. Of course, those are not the only two options.


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