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July 2013 Archives

Florida employee fired for handing out ballot petitions

Being fired from a job is never easy, particularly when someone suspects that they many have been let go for the wrong reasons. Florida has laws that protect employees from being terminated for personal reasons. When someone feels their employment rights have been violated, they may file a lawsuit.

Reality TV contestant accused of breach of contract

The Biggest Loser is a popular reality television program on NBC. In this competition style series, individuals compete to see who can lose the most weight in a set amount of time. Many of these contestants have been able to lose upwards of 100 pounds. Not only does this new lifestyle allow them to be healthier and more physically fit, but also it can lead to public recognition and endorsement deals.

Investors suing Donald Trump over Florida property development

There are hundreds of business deals and transactions made every day around the country, including many in Fort Lauderdale. Many times these deals are consummated without a hitch. However, not all business deals are what they seem. It’s important for a person to know exactly what they are getting into when they enter into any business transactions.

Wendy's Frosty at the center of an intellectual property dispute

Business trademarks, patents, and concepts can all be protected under intellectual property law. This means that a business in Florida can protect their products from unfair competition. If another company sells a product that is too similar to a protected item, they may find themselves facing business litigation.

Domestic violence may lead to wrongful termination

Domestic violence is a serious issue that many people in Florida struggle with every single day. Victims of domestic abuse may be afraid to speak out or ask for help because they are afraid their abuser will get angry and make their life even worse. An abuser can haunt many different areas of someone’s life, including their place of employment. This may lead to wrongful termination.


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