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December 2017 Archives

Is a non-compete clause stifling your competitive edge?

If you are a Florida employee who hopes to stay competitive in your field, you might consider reviewing any non-compete clauses in your employment contract. The Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law outlines the basic premises of non-compete agreements, providing a foundation of understanding for Florida workers.

Tips for a successful merger

If you are the owner or high-level executive of a business in Florida, you may be eyeing the possibility of merging with another company. There can be multiple benefits to doing this that include reducing competition, increasing the breadth and depth of your offering or providing a footing into a new market area. While the reasons for merging with another business may be clear, the path to making your merger successful is not always quite as clear or easy.

Businesses waiting for final word on tax plan

For any business owner in Florida, the subject of taxes can be a sensitive one. Regardless of business size, the question of how to structure a business to meet operational needs as well as how to balance tax liability can be a major hurdle when setting up a new venture. Taxes are one of the many reasons that S corporations have grown in popularity compared to the traditional C corporation, for example, because the S corporation avoids the double taxation associated with C corporations.

What are the corporation tax types?

Florida state tax rules and federal regulations are equally important during any corporate structuring process, whether you are setting up a tax plan for a new company in the state, or modifying the structure of your existing business to prepare for a transitional phase. The process might seem complicated, but it often becomes easier when you make general choices first before focusing on the details. The choice between creating an S or C corporation is likely to be one of your fundamental decision points.

What is deceptive advertising?

As you may already know, advertising is an important part of your business. Without getting the word out, your potential customers would have few ways of knowing about your products and services. They would also not be informed of any specials or sales without your advertising. Fortunately, the modern world gives you and other Florida business owners a wide range of creative advertising options, from television and radio commercials to ads on social media and mobile device aps. Your opportunities to reach a huge audience are almost limitless, but you should also understand that it can be easy to fall into the trap of deceptive advertising.


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