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April 2014 Archives

Medical marijuana patient files suit against employer

There are a number of issues that businesses and their employees may disagree on, from allegations of sexual harassment to wrongful discharge. In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, these incidents arise periodically and sometimes lead to both frustration and financial problems. Whether an employee violates a contract or a business fails to abide by employment law, it is important for those who are in this position to understand their legal options.

Urban start-up trend seen in Florida

There are an almost overwhelming number of considerations to focus on when it comes to business formation, but determining the location of a company is one of the most important. Location will impact a business in many ways, such as contributing to their brand image, determining the potential pool of local employees and affecting the financial aspects of doing business (taxes, costs, government incentives and more). For example, if someone wants to launch a company in Fort Lauderdale, they should review the laws in Florida and evaluate the local community.

CEO excited about merging with Florida retirement community

Acquiring a new business can bring a great deal of excitement and lucrative opportunity. However, it is imperative for firms to thoroughly analyze the ins and outs of a transaction before buying a company. In Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida, a number of businesses have capitalized on the perks that mergers and acquisitions can offer. In order to maximize the benefits of these deals, it is crucial to closely review business goals and do everything possible to ensure a smooth transaction.

Bus driver claims employer permitted sexual harassment

There are numerous legal issues that both employers and employees may have to face in the workplace, such as wrongful discharge and sexual harassment. Whether a business or one of their workers violates employment contracts, does not respect someone's civil rights or fails to abide by employment regulations, there are a number of incidents that may lead to employment litigation. In Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida, these types of stories appear in the news periodically and should remind everyone of how important it is to behave properly at work.


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