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November 2016 Archives

Central Florida may see credit union merger

When two businesses in Florida merge or one company acquires another, many people may have questions about what to expect. For example, it is logical for employees at both companies to wonder if their jobs will be retained or how their job responsibilities may change. It is also understandable for clients or customers to want to learn about any changes to their services or the products that they purchase or use from one of the affected companies.

Changing a C corporation to an S corporation

Entrepreneurs in Florida know that one of the biggest decisions they face when establishing a new company is what type of operational structure they will use. From control and decision making to taxation, there are many things that are influenced by this choice. It is also important for executives and leaders to know that they have the option to change their election if their business needs warrant it. One example is moving from a C corporation structure to an S corporation structure.

Background checks for employment in Florida

Employers in Florida are joining their counterparts around the nation in relying more and more heavily on professional and independent background checks before confirming the hire of a new employee. It is only fair that businesses are able to trust that the information a candidate provides on a resume or job application is accurate and honest. Understanding a person's potential criminal history may also be essential to protecting the business' interests.

State and nonprofit organization in contract dispute

Florida business owners and executives know that contracts entered into with other entities can be very complex. In many situations, these complexities are not always fully realized or understood until a conflict arises. It can be interesting to see how a single contract can be interpreted differently by the parties at these times.


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