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August 2016 Archives

Helpful tips when starting a new small business

America was founded in large part on a spirit of entrepreneurship and that spirit remains alive and well today in Florida and around the nation. Every day, someone somewhere has an idea for a new business but sadly not all of those ideas turn out to be successful companies. Following are some tips that people looking to set up new small businesses may find useful from people who have created successful small businesses from scratch themselves.

Bank merger positions Pomano business for continued growth

Many Florida businesses frequently look for new ways to expand their operations and to remain competitive in ever-changing market conditions. In the banking and financial services industry, this may come in the form of adding new services and products, expanding georgraphical reach or even merging with other banks.

What are types of sexual harassment at work?

For several decades now, employers in Florida and around the United States have been mandated to monitor their workplaces for potential sexual harassment and to work to prevent such behaviors from happening altogether. Laws have been clarified with regard to what may constitute sexual harassment and companies have developed policies about how they should or will handle allegations of such actions. So, what can be considered sexual harassment in Florida?

Who is covered under the FMLA?

There are numerous federal and state laws that govern employment in Florida. Some of these laws work to prevent harassment or other breaches of employees' civil rights in the workforce. Other laws aim to ensure that employees receive specific benefits. One of these laws is the Family and Medical Leave Act. For 23 years, the FMLA has provided countless Floridians the ability to take time away from work to tend to medical or family needs without concern of losing their jobs.

Proposed health care merger opposed by State of Florida

Business mergers and acquisitions are normal transactions that happen on a regular basis in Florida. They can give some companies the ability to grow and expand territories and to better serve their customers. They can also allow some companies that are experiencing troubles the chance to essentially stay in business rather than closing doors altogether. However, there is a delicate balance that must be achieved as well so that a fair level of competition is maintained in the marketplace.


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