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July 2015 Archives

How can you ensure your company’s OSHA compliance?

The last thing that Fort Lauderdale companies want to have to deal with is the prospect of being found non-compliant with federal workplace safety standards. If you are part of an executive or management team, you’ll want to know what steps you can take to help ensure your organization’s compliance. The guidelines for workplace safety are determined by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. Should your company fail to meet them, you could be assessed fines of up to $70,000 per violation. Potential criminal penalties are also a possibility should your non-compliance lead to the death of an employee.

Choosing between a general partnership and an LLP

Here at the Law Offices of Levi Williams, P.A., we’ve helped countless Fort Lauderdale clients select the right business entity under which to form their companies. If you and a friend or colleague are looking to form a professional business partnership, you may be wondering which is best: a general partnership or an LLP. The answer to that depends largely on the nature of your business.

Taking a closer look at wage discrepancies

Throughout Fort Lauderdale and the rest of the U.S., more women are participating in the workforce than ever before. One would think that this increased presence of women in the workplace would help level the business playing field between the sexes. Yet while there are more opportunities being presented to women in the business world, discrepancies between women and their male professional counterparts continue to exist.

Reports have Millennial Media being acquired by AOL

Business owners and executive management teams in Fort Lauderdale often find the fastest way to grow their business is through acquiring other companies. In certain scenarios, this may mean acquiring a competitor that is struggling in order to grow a company’s market share within its own industry. Yet in other cases, a business acquisition may be undertaken in order to expand the product or service footprints of two companies. For some, this happens through a series of acquisitions.

Explaining the special errand doctrine

Business network connectivity has allowed companies in Fort Lauderdale to meet and converse with colleagues and clients all over the world. However, even the proliferation of this technology has not ended the need for business travel. The U.S. Travel Association reports that American took 452 million business trips in 2014 alone.

Going public through a reverse merger

Here at the Law Offices of Levi Williams, P.A., many Broward County companies have come to us seeking assistance to help grow through mergers and acquisitions. One aspect of business growth of which few know is a reverse merger. This happens when a private company merges with a dormant public company that has already gone through an initial public offering. If you’re looking to take your company public, this could be an option for you to consider.


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