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April 2017 Archives

Business success planning

If you are the owner of a business in Florida, you know that there is no shortage to the number of decisions you must make to keep your company running. But, how much time and energy have you devoted to making decisions about how to leave your company? Business succession planning is an important thing that is all too easy to put off but that shouldn't be.

Retailer merger leads to other business sale

Florida businesses that engage in mergers or acquisitions often may get involved in such deals after or because other transactions have already been initiated. With so many businesses being intertwined today, this is simply a reality of the marketplace. Similarly, many companies operate in multiple states which can broaden the reach of any merger or sale of a business.

Understanding subchapter S corporations

Evaluating the different types of business operating models may most commonly be something Florida entreprenuers do when initially establishing a busines. However, this can also be done once a business is up and running as it is possible to make a change in what operating structure a business utilizes in some cases. One example is if a standard C corporation wishes to migrate to a subchapter S corporation.

Florida may seen grocery store merger

Florida residents have good reason to be interested in some of the inner workings of their local grocery stores as such things can impact their selections and the prices they pay for food. More and more, the grocery industry has been experiencing consolidation among large companies in part to remain competitive and manage ongoing transportation challenges and legislation. 


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