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September 2013 Archives

Lionsgate Television may face lawsuit for writing off Blair

Regardless of whether you are in Fort Lauderdale, or some other locality, employment regulations and laws protect employers and employees alike. While employers have the ability to terminate employment contracts if they feel workers are not performing up to standards, have decided to make a change or for any other number of legal reasons. If, however, a worker feels that their rights have been in some way violated by a superior or a business that they work for, such as if they were fired out of retaliation or based on some type of discrimination, they may have grounds for legal action.

Product maker, Bodum sues J.C. Penney for breach of contract

Regardless of whether you are in Fort Lauderdale, or some other locality, contracts, both between individuals and larger companies or groups, are legally binding documents. As such, those who have agreed to and signed a contract are legally required to adhere to its stipulations. In the event circumstances change, it does not necessarily mean the terms also change. In order to avoid a potential dispute, contract negotiation and counsel may be required.

Users sue Google, claim privacy and wiretap violations

For many people in Fort Lauderdale, and elsewhere, there are aspects of their life that they would like kept private, like their personal conversations and communications. Questions over privacy and what a company or business can and cannot monitor are at the forefront of a lawsuit involving Google Inc.

Government fighting merger of US Airways and American Airlines

Readers in Fort Lauderdale may or may not be aware that there is more to two businesses joining forces than just the decision to merge. Along with careful planning and analysis, in some situations, such as with publically traded companies, the companies hoping to merge may have to seek approval from the federal government, as well as stockholders and governing boards.


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