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Man claims Hernando School District breached employment contract

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2014 | Employment Litigation |

It is common for people to move to new positions within the same company or organization, sometimes as a promotion and other times to fill a need within the business. While this is often seen as a good thing, there are some situations where a worker may not be happy with the change. Depending on the terms of employment, an employment contract review may show the employee should not have been transferred without their go-ahead.

An employee with the Hernando School District in central Florida reportedly claimed recently that the district had violated his employment contract by moving him to a new position. According to reports, the man was hired as an assistant superintendent and was charged with overseeing the district’s learning and teaching division. While he maintained his title of assistant superintendent, the man was transferred to the warehouse division where his primary duties included purchasing and overseeing the warehouse. Although his contract purportedly stipulated that he could be transferred, it also mandates that the new duties and responsibilities must be similar to those of the original position.

In an effort to resolve the alleged breach of contract, the man reportedly sent a letter to the district, which asked that he be reinstated to his original position. It was reported that the district’s superintendent maintains that her decision to transfer the man was a due to concerns about his performance in his initial capacity. If a resolution cannot be reached between the two sides, the man could choose to pursue litigation against the district.

If you feel a contract you have with your employer has been breached, it may be of benefit to consult with an attorney to discuss taking legal action. A lawyer will explain your options and can offer advice based on the circumstances of your situation.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “After transfer, Hernando assistant superintendent alleges breach of contract,” Danny Valentine, Dec. 20, 2013


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