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Bus driver claims employer permitted sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2014 | Business Litigation

There are numerous legal issues that both employers and employees may have to face in the workplace, such as wrongful discharge and sexual harassment. Whether a business or one of their workers violates employment contracts, does not respect someone’s civil rights or fails to abide by employment regulations, there are a number of incidents that may lead to employment litigation. In Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida, these types of stories appear in the news periodically and should remind everyone of how important it is to behave properly at work.

A Texas bus driver claims that another woman who drove for the same company regularly tried to convince her to have sexual relations with her. However, she was not interested and informed her employer of the behavior, attempting to stop the harassment. According to the woman, her employer did not take action after receiving her complaints and she even suffered retaliation after reporting the harassment.

The president of the company claims that these types of incidents are investigated and that complaints of sexual harassment are taken seriously. However, the woman, who still works for the company part-time, says that she filed suit against her employer in an attempt to assist other employees who are experiencing harassment.

When one of these problems arise, they can lead to serious consequences for those who are involved. For example, if a former employee is wrongfully terminated, they could suffer financial hardships. On the other hand, if they file suit against their former employer and are victorious, the company they used to work for could be significantly impacted. Understanding employment law can be difficult, so anyone who is dealing with this could benefit from turning to an experienced attorney.

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