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Florida woman claims she was wrongfully terminated

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2014 | Employment Litigation

From the violation of employment contracts to wrongful discharge and civil rights violations, a number of issues may lead to employment litigation. In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, both business owners and employees may find themselves in a position where they believe that filing suit is necessary. On the other hand, some companies could find themselves in court over false allegations. Anyone who is dealing with these types of legal issues should make sure they take the right approach.

A Florida woman who used to work for the city of Boca Raton filed a lawsuit shortly after being fired in 2008. The woman, who used to be the utilities program coordinator, claims she was let go because of voicing her concerns about the safety of the city’s drinking water.

She recently reached a tentative settlement with the city, which claims that she came up with the allegations to bolster her wrongful termination suit. At this time, the settlement terms have not been shared and the settlement must be given the green light by the City Council.

Without a great deal of legal experience, understanding the ins and outs of employment law may be tricky. Additionally, when someone is already experiencing considerable stress after losing a job or suffering from other hardships in the workplace, coming forward can be even more difficult. However, anyone who is going through this should not push off taking action because of their concerns with the courtroom or any other aspect of the legal process. There are different ways people can help ensure they put their best foot forward, including solid preparation and talking to a knowledgeable attorney.

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