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On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2014 | Business Litigation |

From litigation that arises following accusations of workplace harassment to a breach of contract dispute, there are a number of legal challenges that business owners may have to face. At the Law Offices of Levi Williams, P.A., we strive to help business owners who are trying to make sense of the legal system take the right approach.

On their website, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports that they were able to obtain $91 million in monetary benefits for people affected by discrimination in the fiscal year 2011. Business owners should note that Title VII claims accounted for a majority of the lawsuits. Title VII protects employees from being discriminated against as a result of their religious beliefs, gender, national origin, race or color.

In addition to lawsuits which are filed because of alleged discrimination, companies may also find themselves in court over wage/hour disputes, deceptive trade practices, an intellectual property dispute and many other types of cases. Our law firm understands how daily obligations and busy schedules can make these legal issues even more difficult for business owners to deal with. If you have found yourself in this position and are unsure of how to move forward, it is essential to make sure you take the right course of action.

In fact, the outcome of lawsuits can have a significant impact on a business’s future, which highlights the importance of careful preparation. Feel free to take a look at our corporate law page if you would like to find out more about business litigation and other issues which impact companies.


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