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Reports have Millennial Media being acquired by AOL

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2015 | Business Formation & Planning

Business owners and executive management teams in Fort Lauderdale often find the fastest way to grow their business is through acquiring other companies. In certain scenarios, this may mean acquiring a competitor that is struggling in order to grow a company’s market share within its own industry. Yet in other cases, a business acquisition may be undertaken in order to expand the product or service footprints of two companies. For some, this happens through a series of acquisitions.

This appears to be what Verizon and AOL may currently be setting themselves up for. The telecommunications giant recently made headlines by acquiring the online tech company for a reported $4.4 billion. Most industry experts saw this move as a way for Verizon to optimize its data repository using the advertising capabilities the technology that AOL can provide. Given that the projections for worldwide mobile ad market have it hitting $100 billion in worth by next year, it comes as little surprise that Verizon would want to make this move.

If recent reports are to be believed, then AOL may be looking to leverage this move to expand its own mobile marketing influence. It’s being said that the company is now looking to buy the mobile ad network Millennial Media. The rumored acquisition price is said to be $300 million. Although neither side has yet to confirm the sale, some believe that Millennial Media’s CEO has been hinting that such a move was imminent ever since news of the acquisition by Verizon was announced.

Companies may be able to experience and sustain mutually beneficial growth such as that which is being reported above when they have the right kind of assistance to support it. That assistance may best be found in the form of an experienced corporate attorney.

Source: Business Insider “Fresh from being bought by Verizon, AOL is reportedly preparing to acquire mobile ad tech company Millennial Media for $300 million” Lara O’Reilly, July 09, 2015