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Job hiring discrimination laws

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2017 | Employment Litigation

If you are one of the many professionals in Florida who is involved in recruiting people for jobs,  you will want to understand the legalities involved in this process. Whether you are a hiring managers, professional recruiter or human resources professional, these laws will impact you. From the verbiage used in job ads to discussions during interviews, the law governs what is legal and what is not.

As the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission explains, discrimination based upon many factors in the workplace is illegal. These factors include race, gender, religion, country of origin and more. Age is another one of the protected factors for persons over the age of 40. It is not just someone is hired that the law prevents discrimination based upon these things but in the hiring process as well.

For example, it is illegal to recruit someone based upon these factors as that by nature may be considered discriminatory against people who do not fall into the requested or sought characteristics. An job posting indicating a preference for men may be seen as discrimination against women. Even where and how companies recruit requires care. Placing an ad where it is most likely to be seen by gay or lesbian people may be alleged discriminatory against heterosexual candidates. This extends to networking or other forms of recruiting in addition to official postings on social media or other professional website.

If you would like to learn more about discrimination in the workplace at any phase of employment, please feel free to visit the job hiring page of our Florida business and employment law website.