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What is a business injunction?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2018 | Business Litigation

Many Florida residents associate restraining orders with the need to protect a person from physical harm by a partner or stalker. It is less commonly known that restraining orders can also be served for business purposes. Whether your company is served a restraining order by a government agency or the public, or you file an injunction against another company to protect your business, it is important for you and other business owners to understand what exactly business injunctions and restraining orders entail.

According to the Houston Chronicle, a business injunction is a legal order that enables another entity to take an action or to order a company or individual to refrain from certain activities. Additionally, business owners, individuals or agencies can seek temporary restraining orders from the court to provide immediate protection while further evidence is gathered. The following examples are some situations that you might encounter while doing business:

  • An environmental group suspects a company of illegally polluting a water source and seeks a temporary restraining order to halt the company’s operations until an investigation can be conducted.
  • A small business owner discovers a competitor is committing copyright infringement and gets an injunction to order to get the other company to stop using the copyright.
  • A company seeks an injunction against a larger corporation to delay or prevent a hostile takeover.

Injunctions and temporary restraining orders are complex legal actions that may benefit your business, but also require experienced counsel. Therefore, this information is not meant to replace the advice of a lawyer.