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Strengthening our community, one business at a time

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2018 | Business Formation & Planning

In Fort Lauderdale, Miami and in communities all across Florida, people are carving out their niche in various markets every day. If you want to join them, you probably need to start thinking about the future legal ramifications of any small business you intend to open.

However, business isn’t all about legal rules, financial planning and negotiations. Much of what we do at the law offices of Levi Williams, P.A., centers on helping our clients provide the greatest benefit to their communities at the lowest risk to themselves.

If helping the community sounds too altruistic for the competitive world of entrepreneurship, think again. Small businesses, according to Chron.com, make up 99.9 percent of all companies in the United States. That means that a large majority of opportunities in any given neighborhood probably comes from enterprising individuals such as yourself — people who have a profitable idea and follow through with it in an organized manner.

We get more than the pride of a job well done when we help a business owner in our communities. We believe that our efforts strengthen the local economy, help bring people together and provide opportunities for our neighbors. Additionally, as our clients succeed in their new endeavors and expand their operations, we often find that they come back to us for the increasingly complicated business law matters they encounter.

Even if it doesn’t feel heroic while you’re doing it, your entrepreneurship makes a difference. Good businesses with solid plans and sustainable structures are the saviors of many communities. Please continue on our main site for more information.