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Tips for preventing workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2020 | Employment Litigation

Understanding federal laws on discrimination, and how they impact your workplace policies, are among the most important factors in owning a business. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces these federal laws which protect employees, potential employees and other workers from discrimination based on such factors as color, race, sex, religion, gender identity, age, disability and several other classes.

Despite adequate training, however, many employees may struggle to adhere to workplace discrimination policies. There are regular measures you can take that can help protect your business from cases of discrimination and the claims that may result from them:

  • Ensure they understand your policies and the law – Some workers may not know what exactly defines discrimination. Periodic meetings in which you review federal laws and your policy manual would be helpful reminders, as well as reviews of consequences regarding discrimination. Additionally, it may help to have hard copies of your policies in convenient locations – perhaps distributed in work mailboxes and posted on bulletin boards.
  • Explain confidentiality rights – It may be difficult for those who are experiencing discrimination to come forward. They may be more likely to share their concerns if they understand the extent of their confidentiality rights.
  • Seek illustrations for reference – Many workplaces have videos or manuals which contain examples of workplace discrimination. You may find such illustrations helpful for giving your workers a frame of reference for how discrimination may look.

You may also benefit from seeking legal counsel on the matter, if you do not already have an employment attorney on hand. They should be able to explain the full extent of discrimination laws both on the Florida and federal levels.

Ensuring that your workplace is well-equipped to prevent discrimination can help protect your business and those workers who may be subject to discrimination.