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How do you know you are being underpaid at work?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Employment Litigation

Few things are more frustrating than giving your best at work and not getting paid for it. Similarly, getting paid less than you ought for your work can be devastating. After all, everyone deserves fair compensation for their time and skills.

Whether you have been in the role for years or are just taking up the job, it is important that your salary is in line with your skill level, experience as well as existing state and federal laws. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for some employers to underpay their workforce.

Here are three telltale signs that you could be earning less than you should for your role.

If changes in your responsibilities do not correspond to change in your salary

Is your list of responsibilities growing at work? Are you achieving everything you can, but are not getting recognition or a promotion? You should not be taking on more responsibilities without discussing the remuneration with your employer. If your salary is not corresponding to added responsibilities and efforts, then chances are you are being underpaid. This can be quite disheartening.

If your coworkers are earning more for the same role

You might run into a loud coworker who does not mind talking about their paycheck. If you hear your coworker bragging about a higher salary for the same role as yours, you may want to dig in deeper. And if your coworker is talking about their higher compensation package, be sure to listen carefully and take appropriate action.

If there is a high turnover in your organization

A high turnover can be costly for any organization. After all, the process of hiring and training new employees is both time- and resource-intensive. So, if you are a veteran in your organization and you are surrounded by new colleagues each year, and your paycheck does not change, then you could be underpaid.

Everyone deserves fair pay for their skills, time and efforts. Learning that you are being underpaid at work can be demoralizing and frustrating. If you suspect that you are earning less for your role, be sure to talk to your employer about this.