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Are you sure you’re reading your business contracts correctly?

On Behalf of | May 9, 2022 | Contract Disputes |

Contracts are often the backbone of Fort Lauderdale businesses, but they can be hard to comprehend. Those without a legal background generally find contracts uninteresting but a necessary part of the business world.

You might not be able to cultivate more interest in your business contracts, but it is vital that you pay close attention to what they contain. Otherwise, what you do not know could come back to haunt your business if a contract dispute arises.

Tips for reading and comprehending your contracts

Have you ever read something that was not particularly interesting, and then five minutes later, you could not recall what you just read? Humans have a way of filtering out information that does not spark interest. In the business environment, this ability does not serve your interests.

Legal documents, including contracts, require complete comprehension. If you struggle to pay attention, the tips below can help.

Read it–don’t skim it. Take a minute to read the entire document from start to finish. Avoid skimming over the tedious details.

Read it again–aloud. Most people comprehend written information better when they read it out loud. After going over it in your mind, read it aloud to improve comprehension.

Recheck the particulars. Ensure that the document contains correct information about your business and the other parties. Examples include accurate identification, business names, addresses and contact information.

Check clauses individually. Now, go over each clause individually to ensure they are correct and fair. Make a note of any details that are not clear or accurate and ask for clarification from the other party.

Retain an advocate. If your business uses many contracts, consider retaining a legal professional to review these documents once they cross your desk. Doing so also offers many legal benefits.

Learning more about Florida business law and legal remedies for a contract dispute can also help.


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