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The importance of having a proper anti-harassment policy

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | Employment Litigation

Employees are perhaps the most crucial asset to a business, and you should ensure you do everything to protect them. Having a solid anti-harassment policy that works to address harassment incidents is one of the things you need to have in place at your organization.

It will go a long way in protecting employees from harassment, and your business could reap the secondary benefits. Here is why an anti-harassment policy that works is crucial to your business.

An effective policy could protect your business

An effective anti-harassment policy provides a conducive work environment for employees. When an employee is guaranteed they are safe from harassment and that all claims will be handled urgently and action taken against the perpetrator, their productivity is likely to improve.

Beyond that, your organization’s anti-harassment policy is your first line of defense against potential lawsuits. Picture a situation where an employee goes to court because the systems and procedures you have in place did not work to resolve their harassment complaint.

In such a case, your business may be subject to legal and financial penalties, which can be costly. It could also ruin your business reputation.

How effective is your anti-harassment policy?

You may have a good policy but poor implementation. Are there any bureaucracies that affect its implementation? Are all employees aware of the steps to take when making complaints? It is necessary to monitor and upgrade your organization’s anti-harassment policy to ensure it is current and that it still serves its purpose.

If need be, you can create a new policy tailored to your business. Additionally, it is necessary to periodically train employees and make them aware of your organization’s anti-harassment policy and how everything works. It could help you avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble with the law.