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How to write an effective employee handbook

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2023 | Employment Litigation

Employee handbooks are an essential tool for any business owner. They can help you create the atmosphere you want in your company and can play a crucial role in avoiding issues with employees and dealing with them when they happen.

Here are some tips for creating one:

Remember it may be used in court

If you promise something in your handbook and do not fulfill that promise, you might find an employee pulls out the handbook you gave them to back up their claims in court.

You can do the same if an employee does not fulfill something that was clearly expected of them as per their employee manual.

Have them sign to say they read it

Collecting the employee’s signature to say they have read and understood the handbook avoids them using ignorance of a particular issue as a defense.

Make your stance on issues clear

Set out your expectations and what action you will take if an employee does not meet those expectations. A clear disciplinary procedure can help you justify terminating a worker and fight any claims of wrongful dismissal.

Make clear the options available to an employee if they have cause for complaint 

This is particularly crucial in regard to experiencing harassment or discrimination. Firstly you need to make clear that you will not tolerate such behavior and secondly, you need to help employees feel confident that they can report a problem to you. If they don’t feel they have your backing, they are more likely to take things to court if something occurs.

As this document has such important legal ramifications, it’s best to get appropriate help to write it.