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Should you try to repair your broken business partnership?

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2023 | Business Litigation

A business partnership between those who complement one another and bring unique assets to the table can make a company strong. Unfortunately, many, if not most, business partnerships eventually fail.

It can be hard to overcome problems that create deep rifts between partners, but it may serve everyone’s interests to at least try to repair the partnership. Otherwise, your company could face severe hardships or even go out of business.

What are some reasons to save a business partnership?

When you and your partner started out, you probably both invested money, energy and resources in your endeavor. If the partnership fails, you could lose what you have invested, since most companies struggle during internal business disputes.

Here are more reasons to try and salvage your partnership:

  • To protect your brand and image
  • To retain high-value clients or customers
  • To keep your business open and competitive

If you can mend the relationship, it may also help you avoid starting over and having to build another company from the ground up.

Is repairing a broken partnership even possible?

Yes, but it is an understatement to say it might be challenging. Both parties may need to overcome trust issues and other problems and must be willing to work toward a resolution cooperatively.

Tips that might help you save your partnership include the following:

  • Being clear about each other’s expectations
  • Accepting and owning your part in the problem
  • Considering each other’s suggestions and desires fairly
  • Formally documenting individual roles and responsibilities

It never hurts to try repairing issues that arise between business partners and could even save your company. Someone with experience mediating and arbitrating business disputes in Florida can offer guidance with this process.

If your efforts to resolve the matter fail, additional or continuing counsel may help you determine your next steps.