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Can the Florida courts help uphold a business contract?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2023 | Contract Disputes

Contract disputes occur for all kinds of reasons. Perhaps one party defaulted on payment or failed to complete a project despite receiving payment in full.

Businesses dealing with significant contract issues often hope to resolve any particular issue amicably. Direct negotiations or even mediation can sometimes lead to an appropriate resolution to a contract dispute. Yet, other times, the party that breached the contract may simply refuse to correct the matter. It may be necessary to take the matter to civil court.

Can a Florida judge enforce or uphold a business contract?

Yes, judges can order people to correct contract breaches

There are many possible solutions for a breach of contract lawsuit in the Florida civil courts. In some cases, the best outcome is to invalidate the contract. Other times, the business affected by the breach might request damages from the other party.

They could also ask a judge to order specific performance. An order of specific performance requires that one party completes specific actions. For example, a judge could mandate that someone complete a project as outlined in the contract or redo work that did not meet the standards outlined in the original agreement.

If the other party still does not perform the work or issue payment as ordered by the courts, they could be at risk of the judge declaring them in contempt of court. An order of specific performance is one of the most effective means of having the civil courts enforce an existing contract. Those who have suffered losses due to an incomplete project or non-delivery of goods may benefit from this approach.

Asking a judge to review and enforce a contract could potentially benefit a business negatively impacted by a contract breach. Those dealing with such challenges can generally benefit from seeking legal guidance before committing to a particular strategy given the high stakes of the situation at hand.