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How do you qualify for FMLA benefits?

When you or a family member has a serious medical condition, you may wonder about your ability to take care of your responsibilities at home without jeopardizing your job security. The Family Medical Leave Act allows you to balance personal and/or medical needs with your work. If you qualify, you may take up to 12 weeks a year of unpaid leave with an understanding that when you come back, your employer will return you to either the same job or an equivalent position. 

What is religious discrimination?

Faith and religion are important aspects of many cultures, including those found in American communities. As such, the law protects people of faith from being harassed and discriminated against during their employment or while applying for jobs. You and other Florida business owners should understand religious discrimination and reasonable accommodation laws to protect your company from adverse legal action by employees and applicants.

How can I prevent workplace violence at my company?

If you employ people, there is a risk of workplace violence. There is a potential for attacks and assaults at any establishment, whether large or small. You and other Florida business owners may be interested in learning about workplace violence and the ways in which to protect your employees, as well as your legal interests.

How to protect your small business from lawsuits

As a small business owner, you have most likely worked hard to create a working environment that is friendly to all employees. After all, having happy and loyal employees is key to business production and efficiency. The last thing you want is to be put in a situation where you are fighting a lawsuit for an otherwise preventable issue. Lawsuits can harm your business’s reputation and compromise a smooth working flow. You can minimize your risk of getting sued by following a few simple rules.

Fla.-based business faces discrimination, harassment allegations

Truly Nolen is a pest extermination business founded in Florida with locations all over the country. A former employee of the office in Broward County has filed a lawsuit against the company alleging that she received discriminatory treatment from superiors on the basis of her race, gender and disability status. She also alleges sexual harassment by male co-workers and implies the company fired her in retaliation for complaining about the treatment she allegedly received. 

Is blacklisting unlawful in Florida?

Nearly any business owner deals with some employees they would never want to work with again, and they might not wish them on their worst competitors, either. However, Florida business owners should understand that while it is permissible to fire an employee for an acceptable reason, such as being combative with co-workers or consistently being late, there are rules surrounding blacklisting that could land a company in legal hot water if they were found to engage in this practice.

Florida retailer, federal government negotiate settlement

The federal government and a Florida-based retailer of sports apparel have reached an agreement to settle in a case of alleged racial discrimination filed in 2018. Now it only remains for a judge to give consent, which both the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the retailer have requested jointly. 

Lawsuits over allegations of racial discrimination

When allegations of discrimination arise, the claims can have a ripple effect across an entire company. Other employees may decide to step forward and accuse their employer or a manager of wrongdoing, and the charges can be very damaging for businesses of all sizes. Sometimes, these allegations are the result of a problem that is widespread throughout a firm. In other instances, allegations of discrimination are completely baseless, such as a worker who is disgruntled for another reason. Racial discrimination is an especially common issue that can be very difficult from an employee's perspective and a business owner's perspective as well.


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