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Former worker claims discrimination, sues local police department

Readers in Fort Lauderdale are likely aware that there are laws in place to protect workers from being discriminated against by an employer because of a medical condition. This includes a condition that was present at the time of hiring, as well as the development of a new one. For those trying to run a business, however, this can be problematic when a medical condition adversely affects a worker’s ability to perform their job.

Owner, manager falling out leads to business dispute with a Trump

When people who are in business together in Fort Lauderdale, and elsewhere, have a falling out, it can affect their ability and willingness to continue working with each other. As a result, business associates who find themselves in this type of situation will often decide to go their separate ways, which can cause customers and clients to pay the consequences of the split.

Bentley sues Florida car kit makers for trademark infringement

Often product manufacturers will trademark and patent their products and designs in order to protect them from unfair competition. This prevents other companies from stealing those ideas, offering them as their own and profiting from them. If another company does produce a product that is too similar to that of a competitor, it could result in business litigation.

Bar removes video poker machines, sued for breach of contract

When a business in Fort Lauderdale, or elsewhere, enters into a contract with another business, or with a client or customer, that contract is legally binding. As a legal document, in the event that either side backs out or fails to fulfill their end of the contract terms, the other party could choose to take legal action.

Users sue Google, claim privacy and wiretap violations

For many people in Fort Lauderdale, and elsewhere, there are aspects of their life that they would like kept private, like their personal conversations and communications. Questions over privacy and what a company or business can and cannot monitor are at the forefront of a lawsuit involving Google Inc.

Wendy's Frosty at the center of an intellectual property dispute

Business trademarks, patents, and concepts can all be protected under intellectual property law. This means that a business in Florida can protect their products from unfair competition. If another company sells a product that is too similar to a protected item, they may find themselves facing business litigation.

Common business legal myths not to believe

Running a business can be challenging and exciting at the same time. Many business owners find the legal aspect of their business very complicated and difficult to navigate. While business laws and strategies can be complex, it is a vital part of running a successful business.


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